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re: Tips for new and old RoM players

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1. Certainly quicker and easier way to level second class is doing a lot of quests that give experience of your main class, and collect awards with second-class.

2. Do not buy equipment from the store, and no longer on low levels, rewards for quests offer a much better equipment. Of course, do not forget to open a “starting kit”, which got the package at the beginning of the game, you can and you should open it at any level.

3. Hold down the “Ctrl” and click on the weapon to see how it looks on your character.

4.Do not start a fight with the bosses or elite creatures, unless you have higher lvl or have a party.

6. Do not forget to do “daily quests”.

7. If you do not know where to find mobs needed to complete the quest open “window quests” (press L), click on the quest, move the mouse on a mob, click RMB and select the option “move it.”

8. When we have a quest to do, and we can not find it, we can do a simple trick – click [backspace] and enter the desired name (for example, looking Mr.Pumpkinhead the quest “Treasure Hunt”, so type “Pumpkinhead”) displays a list of our NPC who have such a name, choose the one that we are looking for. It shall be automatically shown on the map the red dot. We can also set “GPS’a” placing NPC’s in the “Follow”.

9. Paste objects into the chat window:

We can paste the object into the chat window so that other players can see how it looks To do this, open the backpack, press enter to start the option of writing in the chat, and then click on the item left mouse button while holding down the SHIFT . Similarly, you can do it with skills.

10. Now, perhaps the most important thing:
Do not forget to do 15m breaks every hour , or do 30m every 2 hours of playing.
It is very important, the statistics indicate that after an hour playing capacity of the brain is reduced, decreasing the concentration and sensitivity to external stimuli. Do not forget about family, work, friends or school.
This is just a game and you can always go back to it.

If they even dare to move, kill them all
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